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Spontaneous ipsilateral subconjunctival hemorrhage and the related risk factors

Evgenia Kanonidou, Vasileios Konidaris, Christina Kanonidou, Nikolas Ziakas


The aim of the report is to assess the risk factors among patients with spontaneous ipsilateral subconjunctival hemorrhage (SCH) who presented to the outpatients’ department in General Hospital of Veria, Veria, Greece. Thirty-five patients with SCH participated in the study. A thorough case history was taken and a full ophthalmic examination was performed to identify the risk factors related to the clinical finding. The common hematological parameters associated with the coagulation profile of each patient were evaluated. With the exception of SCH, the ophthalmic examination was normal in all patients. Identified risk factors include history of systemic hypertension (21 patients [60%], mean systolic value: 170 mmHg±15 mmHg), strenuous exercise [19 patients (54%)] and minor ocular trauma [5 patients (14%)]. Other risk factors [each in 2 patients (6%)] included: diabetes mellitus, smoking, severe cough, straining at stool, and weight lifting. Seven patients (20%) were under medication related to bleeding diathesis. The values of the blood coagulation parameters were within the normal limits in all patients. Twenty-nine patients (83%) had elevated blood pressure during the ophthalmological examination. Our study provides documentation regarding the potential risk factors associated with SCH. It is interesting to observe the high incidence of hypertension among the patients with SCH. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the blood pressure be checked in all patients with SCH and that the patients be referred to a general practitioner for further management if indicated.


subconjunctival, hemorrhage, risk factors, hypertension, bleeding diathesis.

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