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Enucleation assisted with filler for open-globe injury

Ayako Takahashi, Masayuki Akimoto, Sachiyo Hama, Yoko Shirai, Sachiko Minamiguchi


In cases of severe open-globe injury, it is often difficult to reconstruct the globe and maintain visual acuity. Ocular globe enucleation may decrease the risk of sympathetic ophthalmia in the fellow eye. However, the surgical procedure is difficult to perform with an open globe, because the injured globe is inclined to collapse. We report the case of an enucleation for an open-globe injury in which we used alginate, which is often used for dental impressions, as filler for the collapsed globe. We were able to maintain the resistance of the globe sufficiently well enough to perform the procedure easily and without complication. Thus, alginate may be a novel aid to assist in enucleation by preserving globe resistance.


trauma, enucleation, filler, sympathetic ophthalmia.

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